Piyu's Story

Piyu and Tina

Watch Piyu grow with IMCARES

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It’s often said that only a mother can love a baby unconditionally, but Piyu’s story sets apart the age old saying, as her aunt Tina showcases the much needed maternal love and care for piyu, which her own mother does not. 

After 12 abortions, my sister who is a sex worker, gave birth to a premature and a tiny baby. My sister abandoned this baby in the hospital. The police came looking for her and it was during that time that I took her custody. I call her Piyu.” Said Tina, Piyu’s aunt. Piyu, now 5 years old is immobile and cannot speak. “I will bring her here whenever you say for treatment. I just hope that she walks and talks one day”, added Tina with a ray of hope in her voice.

Piyu continues to live with her aunt Tina in the filth of Mumbai’s redlight area called Kamathipura. Her mother is an alcoholic and continues to do prostitution for a living. “Her mother is not bothered about her daughter, but I will continue to care for her” said Tina. It is children like Piyu, that IMCARES project Ankur aims to cater to. It will be our earnest endeavour to bring about a positive change in the life of Piyu. Your prayers, partnership and financial aid will facilitate care and rehabilitation of Piyu. We are grateful to our representatives – Faith Missions Trust in the UK and Seek and Care e.v. in Germany for their partnership.