“I never took Bhushan out of the house as he is a child with special needs. The neighbors in the slum where we live also taunted me for giving birth to a disabled child, who could not walk on his own, neither  could fold his legs and sit. He could not speak clearly and could not control the saliva falling from his mouth. I used to sit with an handkerchief all day wiping his saliva. He couldn’t even eat with own hands so I had to feed him. Bhushan was totally dependent on me. I was worried for his future. What if something happens to me? How will he survive? Who will take care of him? I would constantly ask myself.

If NGO’s like IMCARES support families like us, nothing is impossible. I have a dream to see my Bhushan walk and live a normal life one day…”

After 12 abortions, my sister who is a sex worker, gave birth to a premature and a tiny baby. My sister abandoned this baby in the hospital. The police came looking for her and it was during that time that I took her custody. I call her Piyu.” Said Tina, Piyu’s aunt. Piyu, now 5 years old is immobile and cannot speak. “I will bring her here whenever you say for treatment.

I just hope that she walks and talks one day”, added Tina with a ray of hope in her voice.