Anjali's Story

Deprived of a dignified and a rightful childhood, 3 years old Anjali lives on the street outside a train station in Mumbai with a younger sister and their parents. Both her father and mother are are infected with the HIV virus. Her father is also suffering from Tuberculosis. Though he is a skilled mason, his health does not permit him to take-up regular work and hence less food and at times starvation takes its toll on the entire family.

When IMCARES Care Workers found Anjali, they discovered that both she and her younger sister were suffering from scabies and had boils and rashes all over their bodies. The Care Workers counselled the parents and helped them get a dignified medical attention and medication from a nearby Government dispensary.

Little Anjali was so unkept that scabies on her head had turned into an open wound and had developed maggots too.IMCARES Care Workers promptly brought the family to their Drop-In-Centre and carefully cleaned Anjali’s wounds and removed all the maggots. The following days they did a regular change of dressing and helped in Anjali’s adherence to medication and nutrition. The results were amazing. The wounds have begun to heal and dry-up and Anjali is now much relieved from the pain and itching from scabies.

IMCARES Care Workers will now focus on holistic care and rehabilitation of the entire family.

For the last 30 years, IMCARES has helped thousands of such homeless persons to enable them to come out of their misery and live a life of dignity.
Your support towards an IMCARES Care Worker will see many like Anjali and her family live with dignity.