IMCARES Workforce

Raju Imlapur (Raju)
Field Worker and Counsellor

My name is Raju Imlapur, and I am 48 years old. I have six family members – my wife and four children. I joined IMCARES in the year 1997 because I had a definite call on my life to reachout to the poor and the sick with the Good News of abundant life. I serve in IMCARES as a fieldworker and counsellor reaching out to many people who have lost all hope I n their lives. It is such a blessing to see people who were once totally rejected and lost, now through the ministry of IMCARES experience a new life of dignity. I am also actively involved in my church by conducting house-groups, youth meetings and participating in village ministry. I like reading and playing cricket.

Snehalata Kakade (Snehalata)
Field Worker and Counselor

My name is Snehalata, and I am 51 years old. I am happily married. It was my father’s desire to see atleast one of his children in the large family involved in serving God, and gradually I too cultivated a deep burden to serve the Lord. I was introduced to IMCARES by some of its staff. I liked the work of IMCARES and with encouragement from family and friends I took the step to serve the poor and the needy through IMCARES in 1998. Currently I am involved in the Agape Sparsh project (pavement ministry), where we conduct rounds, searching for the homeless, wounded and sick (including HIV & AIDS and TB) people on the streets, counsel them, provide them medical first aid if necessary, take them to hospitals and rehabilitate them. In my church, I am a leader in the Womens Fellowship and also provide counselling to young people. I love socializing.

Essekiamma Davar (Akka)
Cook & Housekeeping

My name is Essekiamma Davar, and I am 57 years old. I am a widow and have two daughters who are married and a son who lives with me. IMCARES stood by my side at the point of my need and gave me a reason to live and move on in life after the death of my husband, leaving behind three children and myself. I joined IMCARES in 1994 and since then have been serving in the Agape Day Care Centres as a cook and take care of all the housekeeping. I find it meaningful and worth being a part of IMCARES, because if I had not known IMCARES, then me and my children would have never known the true and living God. I also actively participate in the womens fellowship in my church. I love to cook, to sing and spend my time with children.

Yakob Govaji (Yakob)
Maintenance Assistant

My name is Yakob Govaji, and I am 56 years old. I was an orphan and was brought-up by an organization. I married an orphan girl and now we have a two grown-up sons. I always wanted to serve the poor and I joined IMCARES in 1992, because here I got an opportunity to wipe the tears of the poor and to show them a ray of eternal hope. I currently work as a Child Care Assistant in the IMCARES Agape Village—Paud, Pune. My daily work involves looking after the general maintenance of the campus and to provide assistance to the Home Parents. I find it meaningful to be a part of IMCARES because it is deeply rooted in biblical principles of caring for the poor and I believe that I am called for the same. I go to church and I love gardening and tailoring.

Shrutika Sawant (Shrutika)

My name is Shrutika Sawant, and I am 28 years old. My father died when I was a a child and my mother died of AIDS when I was 16 years old. After my mother’s death, I too was diagnosed to be HIV positive. This turn of events shattered all my dreams and I want to give-up my life. I was introduced to IMCARES by a church friend. IMCARES welcomed me and started taking care of me. Here I found friends and a family that loved me. Soon my health began to improve. I successfully completed a one year community training course conducted by IMCARES. After my training in 2007, I was offered an opportunity to work with IMCARES as a junior accountant. I grabbed the opportunity. At the same time IMCARES encouraged me to complete my graduation. I completed by graduation as a Batchelor of Commerce (BCom). Today I work as a full-fleged accountant with IMCARES. There was a time when IMCARES cared for me when I had lost all hope in my life, now I am happy that I can also serve those in need through my skills. Besides IMCARES, I am a Sunday School Teacher and a worship leader in my church. I love with His unconditional love.


Meena Dhage (Meena)
Leader - Social Worker

My name is Meena Dhage. I am 32 years old and single. I have completed my post-graduation in Masters of Social Work (MSW) and have been serving with IMCARES as leader and social worker since 2009. I oversee the work among the homeless destitute and care for children with disabilities and/or life threatening illnesses. I believe God has called me to make a sustainable and positive change in the lives of people who live in extreme poverty and margins of the society suffering from HIV & AIDS, TB and other medical conditions. I am also actively involved in my church as a Woman Leader. I enjoy listening to music, cooking, reading, and photography.

Sonali Gaikwad (Sonali)
Leader – Public Relations & Sponsorship

My name is Sonali Gaikwad, I am 44 years old and I am married. Born and brought-up in Mumbai, I would often see maimed and crippled beggars asking for alms in trains and busses. I used to be moved by their plight and would literally force my father to give them some alms. Later when I came in contact with IMCARES and saw their work, I knew this is exactly the place I would like to work, because IMCARES cares for the poor and the needy and gives them a dignified and abundant life. I joined IMCARES in 1999 and since then have led the Agape Village Children’s project as well as the Women’s Development project. Currently, besides mentoring the project leaders, I look after the public relations and sponsorship in IMCARES. In my church I am involved in counseling the youth and helping out in administrative work. I like listening to music, watching Bollywood movies, quilting and patchwork and I love dogs.

Pastor Sumitra Gaikwad (Sumitra)
Pastoral Counselor

My name is Sumitra Gaikwad, and I am 77 years old! It is a blessing and a testimony of God’s goodness to be chosen by Him to start the ministry of IMCARES. Both my wife and I served as leaders in IMCARES for over 20 years until our retirement. I have three children. My wife went to be with the Lord serving till the end in IMCARES. Currently my involvement in IMCARES is to be a Pastoral Consultant to all its projects, and especially the Agape Village Children’s Hostel in Paud, Pune. I feel so happy and blessed to see the way IMCARES ministry has taken shape under the current leadership. I find it meaningful because what was conceptualised, initiated and developed, has now become a big tree, providing love, care, compassion, clothing, food, shelter, rest, comfort, & a bright future to all those who are homeless, marginalised, & hidden. I also serve as a senior Pastor at the Bombay Baptist Church. I love travelling, reading, counselling, farming and sports.

Joyce Bundellu (Joyce)

My name is Joyce Bundellu, and I am 62 years old. After my Masters of Social Work, I worked in two different NGOs for 12 years. Although I enjoyed my work immensely and my bosses were very happy with my involvement in the organisation, I always felt that this was not where God had called me. I was aware of the ministry of IMCARES but in 1990 I felt a clear call to join IMCARES, so I did. I have worked with IMCARES in different capacities. Starting as Social Worker I have worked focused on development of women and children, starting and developing projects, training of the staff have been my major involvement. When I officially retired after 24 years of service, IMCARES asked me to continue my services as consultant. It is now my privilege to share from my experiences and help the staff to increase their capacities to serve the poor.
I am part of the Leadership team in the church. As a result of my working with IMCARES, our church has been motivated to reach out the sick and poor in our neighbourhood. I oversee these ministries for the church. I love travelling, reading and socializing.

Dr. K. Joseph (Dr.Joseph)

My name is Dr. Joseph and I am 83 years old! After serving as a medical doctor with the Municipal Corperation, I had my own private medical clinic. After retirement, I was seeking for an opportunity to give back to the society by serving the poor. I was introduced to IMCARES by a friend of mine and seeing the work IMCARES does, I immediately knew this is the place God wanted me to serve. I give medical consultantcy to the homeless and very poor and marginalized patients that come to IMCARES for help. We conduct a static weekly as well as mobile medical clinics and see a lot of HIV & AIDS, TB (MDR & XDR) cases in addition to viral and opportunistic infections. I also give counselling to people who have lost all hope in life. I find the ministry of IMCARES meaningful because we all work as a family. A family called to impart God’s unconditional love to people in need. I love to socialise and do a lot of social work. I also love pets.

Timothy Gaikwad (Timothy)

My name is Timothy Gaikwad, and I am 48 years old and married. After working as a filmmaker and doing a lot of humanatarian projects, God called me for a greater purpose. He gave me the grace to make the choice and I choose to allow Him to work through me. I stepped into IMCARES as a volunteer for a few years, then later worked as a Communication Officer and thereafter as a Project Manager for the HIV & AIDS project. I stepped into leadership of IMCARES as a CEO 10 years ago. It gives me a great joy to see lives of helpless and hopeless people positively transform as the church and God’s people reach out with His unconditional love. Reaching out to those who are left-out is very close to my heart. Besides IMCARES, I am an Youth Pastor in my church. I enjoy photography, filmmaking and composing music.