Bhushan's Story

“I never took Bhushan out of the house as he is a child with special needs. The neighbors in the slum where we live also taunted me for giving birth to a disabled child, who could not walk on his own, neither  could fold his legs and sit. He could not speak clearly and could not control the saliva falling from his mouth. I used to sit with an handkerchief all day wiping his saliva. He couldn’t even eat with own hands so I had to feed him. Bhushan was totally dependent on me. I was worried for his future. What if something happens to me? How will he survive? Who will take care of him? I would constantly ask myself.

If NGO’s like IMCARES support families like us, nothing is impossible. I have a dream to see my Bhushan walk and live a normal life one day…”

"What a wonderful place. Thank you for all the priviledge of sharing this for a day. God bless you all" --- David Lynch, Dublin, Ireland    "Great work. Great People. Great Hospitality. Thank You very much. God bless you" ---Tunde Oke Dublin, Ireland    "I am grateful to IMCARES for looking after precious children in the community. I commend their hard work and dedication in their service of the poor and vulnerable" ---Prince David New Delhi    " It was a great privilege to see the joy that radiates from those who work in IMCARES" ---Mark Dublin, Ireland     " IMCARES has taught us so much about servant leadership, passion & love to reachout to the poor & needy with God’s love. " ---Susane Queill, Thomas Glulius, Focital, Dieter, Gouigree, Kathinn Nixdorf, Leutuite. - Bad Blankenburg, Germany    " What a wonderful job you are doing with these children. God Bless you all. " ---Sadies. U.K    " Thank you so much for allowing us to visit IMCARES. The work you are doing is invaluable " ---Loresine Dornelly Tearfund Volunteer Ireland.     "Thank you so much for your welcome & kindness in spending time with us. We know what you are doing is fabulous. Pray God blesses this work so that one day all children will be cared for." --- Tim Malcolm, Tearfund UK, Ruth Koch, Tearfund UK, Anita Havron, Trevor, Anderson, Mandy, Alison & Paula    "Your work means a lot to these children. Your love can change their lives." --- Jockel, Rebekka, Mareike - Germany    "We students & professors were deeply impressed by the great work for the children here. We wish good success and we hope that we can help a bit. " --- Stpbon Suderuel, President DUBH Germany     "It is so beautiful to see your wonderful children and lovely, patient teachers. Thank you so much for investing your time and energy in doing such meaningful work." -- – Kritika-New Delhi    "Very wonderful work done in the slums, a good visit." --- R S Russel, Peter Todd, Phillip Todd, Gibson    "Its awesome to see all children, even disabled ones, in one group, interacting, playing & enjoying childhood. IMCARES is a blessing for the society." --- Christine, Rebekka, Mona, Daniel, Jockel -Germany